Are you thinking of getting involved in umpiring? 



We hold our umpires in the highest regard, at Caboolture Netball Association. Without our umpires we quite literally would not have a game! 



Whistleblowers is a beginner's umpiring course that runs, on a Saturday morning, over 4 consecutive weeks at CNA. It is designed to help facilitate the learning and confidence of potential umpires. All you need is basic understanding of netball, whether you're a player or a long term supporter, to get involved and it is a perfect program for those who find themselves wanting to know more about the game we love.



For those interested in getting involved, please contact your club directly for any upcoming courses.



All whistleblower participants will require a water bottle, finger whistle, hair tie and please wear appropriate sports shoes and a white shirt (over your uniform is fine).



For all inquiries please email development@cabnetball.org.au